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This page contains all the information and forms needed to complete an RN or EN portfolio using the Wairarapa & Hutt Valley PDRP Handbook.

Currently, all nurses working in Hutt Valley hospital, local Regional Public Health, and District Nursing are using ePortfolio. Paper portfolios will only be accepted from local NGOs, ARC and PHOs.

If you work for a health organisation within the Hutt Valley area, such as a PHO, NGO or ARC, then we can arrange access to ePortfolio for you. Please contact the Nurse Coordinator Professional Development if you would like to discuss using ePortfolio.

All of the how-to guides for ePortfolio are below and within the Ko Awatea gateway. If you require a Word version of the competencies, please select the appropriate level portfolio from the list below. 


Please click the highlighted links below to download the documents you need:

NZNO has written some guidelines relating to the use of exemplars for PDRP. The NZNO Guidelines: Privacy, Confidentiality and Consent in the Use of Exemplars of Practice, Case Studies and Journaling 2016 can be downloaded by clicking and are very important for nurses writing reflections of practice for PDRP.


Please click the links below to see documents for specific PDRP Levels:

PLEASE NOTE These documents may not function as intended if you are using an Apple computer (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac) but you can try using Open Office (a free program) that works like Microsoft Office but on a Mac.

Wairarapa PDRP documents can be downloaded from their website. Click here to visit their webpage. 


How do I use ePortfolio?

If using the ePortfolio the ‘how to’ guides below will help you navigate and use ePortfolio.

PLEASE NOTE You will need to use Google Chrome to access the ePortfolio system.

ePort1: How to get started with ePortfolio

ePort2: Creating an ePortfolio

ePort3: How to write and share competencies

ePort4: How to upload documents to ePortfolio

eport5: How to add additional pages to your ePortfolio

ePort6: How to submit your portfolio

ePort11: How to share your ePortfolio

ePort12: How to print your APC

ePort13: How to share your ePortfolio with a secret URL

ePort14: How to download (export) your ePortfolio


For Senior/peer Reviewers, Managers and Portfolio Assessors

ePort7: How to write senior/peer competencies

ePort8: How to complete the manager declaration and upload the performance appraisal/Mo Tatou

ePort9: How to assess a completed portfolio

ePort10: Administration of your ePortfolio group