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It’s important to think about going home before you even come to hospital - we want to get you well so that you can leave as soon as you are safe to do so.

Staff are usually able to give your expected date of discharge soon after admission.

At your pre-admission clinic or soon after you arrive, staff will work with you, your family/whanau and your family doctor to plan your discharge home, or to another facility.

Any final checks and the discharge paperwork are usually completed in the mornings so that you should be able to leave the ward by 11.00am. You may be moved to a lounge to wait for your transport.

Transport Home

Please arrange for a support person to accompany you home by car or taxi. We do not pay for or arrange transport home.

If your admission is planned and you are currently receiving Home Health Services such as district nursing, home help, or meals on wheels, please don't forget to let them know the dates you are being admitted to and discharged from hospital.

If you have an unplanned admission to hospital and you are receiving Home Health Service please tell the nursing staff or get a family member or friend to tell them.

Support Services

We offer support services in the community including social workers, community nurses, oncology nurses, diabetes education, dieticians, asthma education, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, meals on wheels and home help. Please discuss your needs with staff before you leave the hospital.

Prescriptions for medicine

If you are given a prescription for medication to take after you leave hospital, you will need to take it to a local community pharmacy or chemist. If you are not well enough to do this you will need to arrange for a support person to do this for you.

You may be asked to visit the hospital pharmacy to fill a ‘hospital only’ prescription'. Hutt Hospital Pharmacy hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, Saturday 10am to midday.

Personal items

Collect any valuables which have been kept in safe keeping, along with prescriptions and personal medications. Leave all hospital property in the ward and please return all hospital equipment as soon as you have finished with, for example crutches.