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Remote access to our network is provided through Citrix. Citrix gives you access to our intranet and all the programs you use on your work computer.

You can access Citrix on your home computer, or using an Android or Apple device.

Access the Citrix Gateway

Both staff and providers now need to use the Citrix Gateway. This is different from the old Citrix Portal you might have previously used.

Log into Citrix Gateway

Multi-factor authentication

To use the new Citrix Gateway you must have set up multi-factor authentication (MFA)—this is when you use your phone to confirm your access. It is as easy as accepting a text message, answering a call, using an app to approve access.

How to set up MFA: 3DHB staff (PDF)

How to set up MFA: external providers and vendors (PDF).

Watch a video that shows you how to log into the Citrix Gateway

Need help?

The guides below take you through how to access our systems. If the guides below have not helped, please ring the Service Desk on 04 918 6146.