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Have you signed up to the fruit and vege co-op?

Published Wednesday 14 Sep 2016

Hayley Horne, dietitian from Te Awakairangi Health Network, at the Naenae Fruit and Vege Co-op hub. “This is a fantastic service which makes quality, healthy, fruit and vegetables available at a very low cost.”

Chefs struggle to keep up with demand for healthy food in hospital cafeteria

Published Wednesday 14 Sep 2016

Hutt Hospital’s Hub Cafeteria chef, Steven Day (pictured) is struggling to keep up with the demand for salad dishes since the cafeteria introduced new menus for visitors and staff to help make healthy foods the easy choice.

Steven says innovative recipes have been introduced with salads a focus.“The high demand is a sure sign that customers are enjoying them.”

Take your stance on better breathing this September

Published Friday 2 Sep 2016

This month is Breathe Better September, the first ever respiratory awareness month in New Zealand. Most people can’t imagine not being able to breathe properly, but for the one in six Kiwis living with a respiratory condition, this is a reality.

Help increase awareness amongst family and friends by sharing a photo on social media along with #breathebetterseptember as the hashtag. Click the title link above to read more.

Is your home in a Tsunami Zone?

Published Monday 29 Aug 2016

Most of us realise that our homes might be located near fault lines but do you know if you are in a tsunami zone? At Hutt Valley DHB we're taking part in the nation-wide Exercise Tangaroa this week, as we would play a major role in any regional disaster response. This is a great opportunity to test our preparedness. But it’s also important that we are all prepared in our homes.

Click on the blue article title to read more and see if you are in tsunami evacuation zone and get prepared and get through a natural disasters.