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Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) Programme

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The Nurse Entry to Practice Programme (NETP) accommodates NETP graduates both within the hospital and primary care settings. The aim of the NETP programme is to provide graduate registered nurses support and professional development to facilitate their transition during their first year of practice. Upon completion of the NETP year, nursing graduates will meet competencies and standards of practice in order to progress to competent level on the Professional Development and Recognition programme (PDRP) determined by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley District.

Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley District offers a post graduate nursing paper embedded within the NETP programme and assures graduates that on completion of the programme they will demonstrate competent nursing practice. The primary focus of this paper is physical health assessment and making clinical judgements at a graduate nurse level.

Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley District understands the demands and stresses faced by NETP graduates when they commence their first year of practice and are committed to provide both academic and clinical support.

This page provides information surrounding the NETP recruitment process and important dates for NETP recruitment at Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley District hospitals.

January 2023 NETP intake

Hutt Hospital has expected NETP vacancies in the following practice areas:

  • Medical
  • Paediatrics, Child Health and Youth Health (Children’s Ward)
  • Neonatal (Special Care Baby Unit)
  • Emergency and Trauma (Emergency Department)
  • Surgical (Orthopaedics, General Surgery and Gynaecology, Burns and Plastics Unit)
  • Woman’s Health (General Surgery and Gynaecology)
  • Cardiac Care (CCU)
  • Perioperative Care (Theatre)
  • Health of the Older Person (OPRS)
  • Aged Residential Care – Specific Facilities TBC
  • Primary Health Care – Specific Practices TBC

Please apply through the ACE Nursing Website.


The Interview

Interviews for the January 2023 NETP Programme are on the 27th, 28th, 29th, and 30th of September and the 3rd and 4th of October 2022. All interviews will be conducted face to face, onsite at Hutt Hospital.

Information will be sent to you with the interview invitation about how to prepare for your interview. 


NETP Programme Start

Successful applicants will commence the January 2023 NETP Programme on the 16th of January 2023. Recruitment into the NETP programme is ongoing throughout the year through the ACE talent pool. 


For further information or enquiries please contact:

Zoe Arthurs

Nurse Coordinator NETP & PG Funding