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Contacting us

If you think labour is starting, your waters break or you have concerns about your baby, call your LMC midwife or doctor OR if you are with the hospital community midwife team freephone 0800 488 628. They will discuss with you if you need to come to hospital.

Appointments or enquiries about your pregnancy or baby, please call 0800 488 628 between 8.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Finding a midwife

If you are pregnant, looking for a midwife, we recommend searching for one close to you through the Find Your midwife website. If you are unable to find a midwife please call 0800 488 628 between 8.00am - 4.00pm Monday to Friday, and our team can link you with our hospital community midwifery team.

If you still need help finding a midwife, please complete our contact form.

Location and access

Hutt Maternity is located on the second floor of the Heretaunga Block, at the hospital’s main entrance. When you come into the building, proceed to the lifts to take you to Maternity on Level 2.

You can use any gate to enter the hospital campus. We recommend using the High Street entrance (Gate 2) or Pilmuir Street entrance (Gate 5). There is a parking building next to the Heretaunga Block.

The Heretaunga Block is open on weekdays 6.00am-6.30pm and weekends 8.00am–4.30pm. Outside of these times, you must accessvia the Emergency Department (Gate 5) entrance. All other entrances will be closed.

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Giving birth at Hutt Maternity

Hutt Maternity is the primary choice for most of the community to give birth. We provide maternity facilities for all – whether you are under the care of an LMC (usually a midwife) or receiving specialist services for a complex pregnancy by a doctor.

The maternity unit has 8 self-contained, fully equipped labour and birthing suites. Each birthing suite has a bath. All birthing suites have their own bathrooms and our special care baby unit is located nearby.

The maternity ward has a mixture of single and twin rooms with shared bathrooms, with some rooms which have access to lazyboy chairs or pull out beds for support people.

There is a parent lounge available for their use which also has tea and coffee making facilities. There are no cooking facilities. Meals are provided the woman/person admitted. Support people can access hospital café and local food services.

If you are looking for a quieter location to have your baby or stay at after birth, we also have two primary maternity units at Kenepuru Maternity Unit and Paraparaumu Maternity Unit
Our midwifery and medical teams work closely with Wellington Regional Hospital, who provide specialist care for pregnant women/people and babies requiring more complex care. 
We encourage you to bring along your support people during your birth. 


After your baby is born

Your hospital stay is a time for you to recover from your labour and birth and bond with your baby. One support person may stay with you overnight to assist with care, and they will be provided with a chair at your bedside.  

During your stay an employed midwife or nurse will provide care, all hours of the day and night. Your LMC will remain your primary caregiver and will be called if review or consultation is required.   

The Maternity Ward at Hutt Hospital has a mixture of single and shared rooms. People who are clinically unwell will be prioritised to a single room.   

If you choose to birth, or transfer to Kenepuru and Paraparaumu Maternity Units after your baby is born. These maternity units have single rooms with ensuites, and provide a quiet, homely atmosphere for your maternity stay. 

Your hospital stay will be short – you can return home as soon as you are comfortable and well enough. Some people choose to go home directly from the Birthing Suite. If you have a caesarean section, you will usually need to stay two or three days. The decision about when to leave will be mutually agreed between you, your LMC and hospital staff.   


Visitor information

Visiting hours are between 8.00 am and 8.00pm. The hospital is closed for all visitors between 12:30pm and 2:30pm to allow patients time to rest.  

Everyone needs to be mindful and sensitive to the needs of other people and families by keeping noise and disturbances to a minimum and respecting their privacy. Children are welcome to visit though must be supervised and cannot stay overnight. 

Remember, it is important to protect newborn babies from coming into contact with others who might be unwell. If you are unwell, please do not visit.  

Family and friends are welcome to make tea and coffee in our whānau room, or can visit the hospital café. 


Our maternity services

Hutt Maternity services includes a Birthing Suite, Maternity Unit, Maternity Assessment Unit, Hutt Valley Primary and Community Midwives. 

The Maternity Assessment Unit is a dedicated space to address specific needs of those accessing our care. This includes secondary care clinics for obstetric and early pregnancy assessments. 

There are four maternity facilities across our Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley region:  

Support services

Support for pregnant deaf and hard of hearing women and their whānau

Interpreters are available for pregnant people who are deaf or hard of hearing through iSign. This can be arranged through your midwife or hospital staff. 


The Special Care Baby Unit  

The Special Care Baby Unit provides specialist care for babies who are born early or become unwell. While in special care, a paediatrician oversees your baby's care alongside nurses who all have training and experience in the care of sick babies. 


Please note our free acupuncture service is no longer available.

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