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General Information for Nursing Students at Hutt Valley DHB

Clinical Information to be reviewed by all student nurses. 

CCHV Code of Conduct 1.2469
CCHV Privacy Policy 1.97
Health & Safety Policy 1.3116
Clinical Learning Experiences Policy 1.110
Medical photography and video recordings 1.103054
Special Staff Status 1.1083

Orientation booklets for wards and departments at Hutt Valley DHB.

Please click on the following highlighted links to download orientation booklets and information:

NEW! - Infection Control handbook for Students

Hutt Valley DHB's Infection Control team have created a new handbook for undergraduate students. It is highly recommended that students read and complete this. Please click below to download.




IV and related therapies and students nurses

Bachelor of nursing students will be supported from their 2nd year to develop skills necessary to safely administer basic intravenous & related therapies. At ALL times students will work under the direct physical supervision of a registered health practitioner when when performing intravenous and related therapies. Students are NOT permitted to administer IV Opioids and access Central Venous Access Devices (CVAD).Please click below to download more information:

Intravenous & Related Therapies - Student Information

Smoke Free Policy at Hutt Valley DHB

Hutt Valley DHB has a smoke free policy. Smoking by staff, patients and visitors is formally discouraged and staff (including students) who wish to smoke should do so away from the hospital grounds and are not permitted to smoke in Hutt Valley DHB vehicles.

Parking and other services at Hutt Hospital

Click here for information about getting to Hutt Hospital.

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Click here for information about parking at Hutt Hospital.

Lower priced parking for under-graduate students is available from the parking office opposite Endoscopy & Medical Day Stay.


Hutt Hospital Chapel is open all day, every day and services are advertised on the board outside.