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Assessment and on-going support for the hearing impaired. Services include -

· Hearing tests

· Hearing aid assessments

· Supply and fitting of hearing aids and ear moulds

· Repairs and servicing

· Follow-up advice and support

Diabetes & Respiratory Nurse Educators

Working in close liaison with the person’s health provider / team and Asthma and Diabetes Societies:

· Educates and supports individuals, family members, significant others and groups on awareness, self-care and taking control of asthma and diabetes.


Professional dietetic advice, support and education. Support and guidance to enable clients to make appropriate food choices based on their needs. While this is primarily an inpatient service, General Practitioners can refer clients with a specific need.

District Physiotherapy

Home-based physio for people unable to access hospital based services.

Services include -

· Education about your condition and self care

· Treatment of medical, surgical and orthopaedic conditions

· Loan of equipment and mobility aids

Meals on Wheels (Short Term)

Available for assistance with medical or surgical recovery during convalescence.

Occupational Therapy

Assessment and treatment through activity. Needs identified and services offered to support your independence and safety.

Services include -

· Pre- and post hospital discharge visits at home for assessment

· Provision of adaptive equipment and wheelchairs

· Consultation for essential housing modifications

· Outpatient treatment services

Social Work

Assistance for individuals, families/whanau and groups in the community who have personal or social problems related toillness, health or disability.

Services include: -

· Social and Psychosocial assessments

· Access to information and advice on health and disability services and resources

· Support with care and service planning after leaving hospital

· Support for people caring for others

· Child/Tamariki and disability Health support and advocacy.

· Counselling for individual and families

· Pregnancy counselling

· Bereavement support and counseling

The child protection coordinator trains staff and advises on child healthcare and protection issues.

Speech Language Therapy

· Help with communication and swallowing disorders. Services include:-

· Assessment and treatment of disorders of language, voice, speech

· Eating and swallowing assessment and management

· It Links with other organizations and professionals

· Information for the patient, family and caregiver concerning the communication and swallowing problem

· Inpatient & outpatient service

Oncology Service

· Provision of support for patients by oncology nurses with specialist knowledge of oncology and curative treatments

· Liaison with oncologists and treatment centres

Palliative Service

· Provision of support for patients by palliative care nurses with specialist knowledge of palliative and curative treatments

· Liaison with palliative specialists and treatment centres

· Care of the dying and palliative care provision and support for families/whanau

See also Palliative Care

Continence Service

· Assessment of continence

· Planning and provision of treatment Programmes

· Patient education

· Prescription for continence supplies

· Acute short-term or postoperative cares (e.g. IDC care, education, monitoring and supplies: Pre TURP)

· Catheterisation and catheter monitoring/care: Female-IDC, Male and Female SPC.

· Enuresis Service

Home Oxygen Service

For people whom a respiratory physician has assessed and who have a clinical need for and benefit from oxygen therapy.

· Monitoring of condition and identification of complications

· Planning and provision of treatments and therapies

· Supply, delivery and care of oxygen equipment

· Patient education in oxygen use as prescribed and related lifestyle adaption

· Liaison with medical registrar, GP or specialists as required

Ostomy Service

· Assessment for preoperative siting

· Planning and provision of treatments

· Patient education relating to their stoma

· Prescription of ostomy supplies

· Ongoing provision of education and advice related to peri-stomal skin integrity