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“Living Well, Dying Well: A Strategy for a Palliative Care Approach”

The Lower North Island Palliative Care Managed Clinical Network is pleased to share this 3DHB strategy (Full document and Summary document) which sets the direction of palliative care in the sub-region for the next four years. It details a comprehensive integrated model of palliative care to achieve the vision that all people who require a palliative approach live well and die well irrespective of their condition or care setting and is based on the following principles:

• Patient and their families/whānau are at the centre of all care

• Patients and family/whānau can expect and receive high quality care wherever they may be

• Patients and family/whānau will be supported so they can die well

The plan includes building the capability of the general health workforce, especially in primary care and aged residential care facilities; increasing efforts to make palliative care ‘everyone’s business’; ensuring sufficient specialists are available to provide support, advice and education; addressing Information technology (IT) barriers, as well as clarifying service specifications and provision.

Link to Summary Document Strategy Summary Document FINAL.pdf

Link to Full Strategy Document Strategy Full Document FINAL.pdf