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On 1 July 2022 Health New Zealand replaced New Zealand’s 20 District Health Boards as the overarching government agency responsible for health services across New Zealand, from the healthcare delivered in communities, through to national healthcare services. This means our District Health Boards no longer exist. The information on our website is being progressively updated to include relevant Health New Zealand information.


2DHB Board Meeting Schedule 2022 - up until 30 June 2022

Board meeting papers 2022


Minutes of Board meetings 2022


Advisory Committees

Health System Committee (HSC)

Health System Committee (previously Community and Public Health Advisory Committee-Hospital Advisory Committee) advises the Wellington and Hutt regions on:

  • The needs, and any factors that may adversely affect the health status, of the resident population of the DHBs; and
  • The priorities for use of the health funding provided.


HSC meeting papers 2022 



3DHB Disability Support Advisory Committee (DSAC)

The 3DHB DSAC advises Capital & Coast, Hutt Valley and Wairarapa DHBs on:

  • the disability support needs of the resident population of the DHB; and
  • the priorities for use of the disability support funding provided.

DSAC meeting papers 2022



Past Board and Committee Meeting Papers