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Published Thursday 8 Jun 2023

Meet Amit - he is an Associate Charge Nurse Manager in our Interventional Radiology and Cardiology Services team. Find out more about what a day in his life looks like and why his team is so special.


Amit, tell us about your role?

I’m the associate charge nurse manager for our department within a dedicated team of nurses and healthcare assistants in interventional radiology. We work across four interventional labs, a 14 bed day unit and cover the rest of radiology which includes Fluoroscopy, CT, Ultrasound and MRI.

The patients we care for undergo a range of elective, acute and emergency procedures using radiological guidance.  I often think of our department as a hidden gem within the hospital as many people that work within the hospital have no idea about what we do, and we do some amazing things…

Why did you choose a career in health?

Although it sounds clichéd I have always enjoyed helping people, from a young age I could never imagine sitting behind a desk in front of a computer in a 9-5 job. In this role no two days are the same, the learning opportunities are endless.

What do you love most about your job?               

I love the work we do here! When patients come to our department they are often suffering from life threatening diagnosis. To be able to help almost instantly - with treatments such as primary PCI (for STEMI) or Clot retrieval (for stroke) - is very rewarding.  I also love the team we have here, we are tight knit bunch of skilled practioners who consider each other family.

What would you say to someone who wants to join start a career in nursing? 

Working in healthcare is definitely not easy but can be very rewarding. Find an area of health you are passionate about and go with it.                                                              

Make time for friends and family, it’s important to have a life out of work and not let work consume you. I like to run, it’s good for clearing the head.

Do you have a favourite quote that’s inspired you?

Something I often say to my kids and is relevant at all times in life “treat others how you would like to be treated”.