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Booking Your Vaccine

Everyone over the age of 12 can book their vaccination for free.

Each person getting vaccinated needs their own appointment.

How to book:

You can book yourself at:

Or you can call Healthline on: 0800 28 29 26

If you are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, you can use the NZ Relay Service with Healthline.

If you speak another language, you can ask for an Interpreter

Phone calls are free and you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After you book, you will be told your vaccination date and place.


At the Vaccination Clinic

You must wear a mask when you get your vaccine.

When you arrive, you might have to stand in a line.Please stand 2 metres away from other people.

You will be asked questions when you enter.

Stay 2 metres away from other people

You must sign in.You can use your Covid Tracer App on your phone to sign in.Or you can manually sign in by writing.

Please clean your hands using hand sanitiser.

A vaccinator will vaccinate you very quickly.

After the vaccination you need to wait in the waiting area for 15 minutes.This is because the staff want to check you are ok.After 15 minutes the staff will tell you and you can leave.


Your Second Vaccine Dose

You can book your second dose the same way as the first dose.

Please wait 6 weeks to get your second dose.


To Change Your Appointment

You will need your email address or phone number when you book.You will also need your booking reference number from the first vaccination.You can find your booking reference in the email or text mesage you were sent when you first booked.

First you will need to cancel your appointment.Using the internet go to

Enter our email address or phone nymber and your booking reference.

Then click ‘cancel booking’


To Change Your Booking

Using the internet go to

Enter your email address or phone number and your booking reference.

Select ‘reschedule’, and confirm the location for your appointment and choose a new date and time.

You will receive confirmation of your new appointment via email or text.