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Many rules at Alert Level 2 have changed.


Mask Wearing

Under level 2 the rules for wearing masks have changed.You must wear a mask in most indoor public venues & places like shops, restaurants and libraries.However, the government recommends you to wear a mask in ALL indoor venues and places.

If you are in a restaurant, cafe or bar, you can take your mask off to eat or drink.

All staff at public venues and places will wear a mask.


Mask Wearing Exemptions

Some people who have a disability or Health condition can’t wear a mask. If you can’t wear a mask, you can get an exemption card. An exemption card means you don’t have to wear a mask.You can show the exemption card to bus drivers or other people when you need to.

To get an exemption card, contact the Disabled Person’s Assmbly NZ on 04 801 9100.You can use the Relay System if you are deaf or hard of hearing.You can also email the Disabled Person’s Assembly on:



Children at school don’t have to wear a mask.However, the government recommends students wear masks.


Getting a Covid-19 Test

If you have cold or flu symptons such as a fever, sore throat, cough, sneezing or runny nose, please get a Covid-19 test.

You can talk to your doctor or iwi health provider about a Covid-19 test.

You can call Healthline on: 0800 358 5453

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing, you can use the NZ Relay Service with Healthline.

If you speak another language, you can ask for an interpreter.

Phone calls are free and you can call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Signing In

You must sign in at bars, restaurants, bars, cinemas, churches and small places where you are close to people like hairdressers.However, the government recommends you sign in at ALL places.

You can use your Covid Tracer App on your phone to sign in.Or you can manually sign in by writing your contact information.


Your Household Bubble

There are no restrictions on your household bubble.This means, you can have as many people as you like in your household bubble.


People Limits

Indoor gatherings like bars, restaurants and events must have 50 people or less.However, the rules for seating are the same as the old level 2. There must be space between groups of people and you must sit.

Even weddings, civil union ceremonies, brithdays, funerals and tangihana must have no more than 50 people.

Outdoor gatherings must have 100 people or less. There must be space between groups of people and you must sit.

In all indoor venues like restaurants, bars, libraries, museums, supermarkets and more, you must stay 2 meters away from other people.

Always wash or sanatise your hands and cough or sneeze into your elbow.


Sports & Recreation

You can play sports and other recreational activities. But you must do these safetly and stay 2 metres away from people.

However, you can only play with 50 people or less.

If you play sports and other recrational activies inside, there can only be 50 people.

If you are a client or customer in a gymnasium, you can take your mask off to exercise.



You must wear your mask when you take a bus, taxi, ferry, train and all public transport.

Nobody can stand up in public transport under level 2.This means busses and trains can’t take many people.If you use busses or trains you should leave earlier to get to your destination on time.

At Level 2, the Total Mobility Scheme will operate.

Other accessable features will also operate again.

If you are taking a bus, you can enter from the front again.This means wheel chair users can use the bus ramp.

You can also use the ramps on trains.