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How to Make an Official Information Request

To send an Official Information Act request, please email

Before making an OIA request, it may be useful to view information currently held. Hutt Valley DHB publishes information online on a regular basis, including:

Other useful links:

Official Information Act

Ministry of Health publications

Ministry of Health information about Hutt Valley DHB

Ministry of Justice guide to Official Information Requests

State Services Commission tips for making OIA requests

Template OIA request letter (pdf)


What Next?

If you have decided to make an OIA request please be as specific as you can in identifying the information you want. The information you request must be specified with ‘due particularity’. This means that Hutt valley DHB must be able to identify the information you have asked for. Any request that lacks due particularity will not be valid. If this is the case we may contact you to clarify your request.

Hutt Valley DHB will make and communicate a decision on your request as soon as possible but no later than 20 working days after receipt (unless an extension is agreed).

Hutt Valley DHB may extend the maximum time limit for transferring a request or making a decision and communicating it to you, if your request is for a large quantity of information or consultation is needed to make a decision on your request. Any extension must be for a reasonable period of time in the circumstances.

If you don’t receive a response to your request for official information within the statutory time limit, or are unhappy with the response you have been given, you can complain to the Ombudsman.

Hutt Valley DHB can apply charges for OIA requests under section 15 of the Official Information Act.



Your privacy will be protected. Any personal /identifying information will be redacted. You can also object to the publishing of OIA responses or request a delay. You will need to provide good reason why a particular OIA response should not be published online, or be delayed.

Hutt Valley DHB reserves the right to determine whether and when to publish a response.

Note – requests for information about you or your family member will be managed as Privacy Act request.


OIA Responses and Proactive information release

September 2019

Support Person Chairs

Maternity Unit Staffing

Mastectomy Procedures

August 2019

Asthma Patients and Asthma Admissions

Gastroenterology for Wairarapa Patients

NZ Drug Foundation Payment

Staff Vaccinations

Home Care Contracts

Electronic Health Records

Births and Maternity Services

July 2019

Number of Hired PGY1 House Officers

Prostitution Reform Act 2003

Transfer of Expectant Mothers and Newborn Babies

Termination Funding

Cancer Treatment Wait Times

Transgender Individuals

Bowel Screening

Workplace Diversity

Sexual Abuse Assessments

Priority Spending and Cancer Treatment

Primary Health providers and Foundation Standard

June 2019

Clinical Services Plan and Improving Theatre Productivity
        Appendix 2a - Theatre Improvement and Future Capacity Sponsor Update_14 December 2016 short
         Appendix 2b Theatre Improvement and Future Capacity Planning Sponsor Update Wave 1 _15 February 2017
         Appendix 4 - Agreement for Services Synergia Ltd - PHCN         Appendix 5a - Statement of Work-Signed-2010-05-31
         Appendix 5b - X49106-SoW-for Invoicing-2010-07-21

Hours worked by senior doctors in maternity wards

SMO costs related to RDA strikes 2019
          Attachment SMO costs related to RDA strikes 2019

May 2019

Intersex people’s health care
          Attachment statements-of-rights-privacy-responsibilities

Regional Public Health service and accountability
          2018-19 RPH Budget Information
          RPH 2017 - 2018 Annual Report
          RPH 2016 - 2017 Annual Report          RPH 2015 - 2016 Annual Report

Sponsored clinical trials

Assults against nurses

April 2019

Communications with Nga Hau E Wha

Opioid and opiate use and abuse

CASP progression

Non-Resident use of ambulance services

Sterilisation incidents

March 2019

RPH report on salons offering nail services
          Survey of knowledge and infection control practices in salons offering nail services

Rural Adjuster Fund

Patient meals
          Patient meals Attachment 1
          Patient meals Attachment 2

Security Incidents
          appendix Orderly Training Summary
          appendix Restraint Minimisation & Safe Practice
          appendix SPEC
          appendix Security Policy & Attachments

Transvaginal mesh procedures

Records of violent incidents

February 2019

Health promotion for disabled Maori

Outcomes for Maori
          appendix Draft Hutt Valley DHB Consultation Maori Health Strategy October 2018
          appendix Guidelines for Service Commissioning in SPO - November 2017
          appendix Recognising Community Participation Policy
          appendix Maori Health Unit Presentation
          appendix Framework for Involving Whānau-Families

Spending on Advertising

Brief Intervention Counselling Initiatives

PET and PETCT Scanning Machines

District Health Board Seismic Reports
          APPENDIX 1 HVDHB Seismic Quarterly MOH Report
          APPENDIX 2 HVDHB Seismic Quarterly MOH Report

Alcohol Harm Reduction Activities

January 2019

Issues-based audits into aged care facilities

Unfilled vacancies

Hiring Policies and Procedures
          Hiring Policies and Procedures - Appendix 1
          Hiring Policies and Procedures - Appendix 2

The use of smart phones and applications

Annual costs of energy used

Fax Machine use
          Fax Machine use - Appendix 1

FASD Assessment

December 2018

Transgender presentations to Endocrine services

Pager use

Radioactive waste

Chemotherapy treatments

Carterton South End School emergency response 
          Carterton South End School emergency response attachment