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Te Whatu ora Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley is pleased to be able to offer a number of training opportunities to health professionals within the district and also to external organisations.

We hope those attending sessions held at Hutt Hospital find them valuable and we welcome any feedback.

A number of the study days/workshops are for Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast & Hutt Valley (internal) staff only. It is clearly stated on the top of each page, which study days/workshops are for internal and/or external staff.

Any queries to

Any external staff requesting to attend training run by the hospital must meet the Infection Prevention requirements of Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast & Hutt Valley at the time the training is scheduled to occur.


For facilitators and course coordinators - to advertise a training opportunity please complete a flyer use the template available here.

Before submitting to for upload please ensure the following:

  The rooms are booked
  The courses instances are created and open in MyPay
  Communications are also sent via Daily Dose or email to advertise these training opportunities.


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  • A

    • Acute Pain Management PDF, 109 KB

      Increase knowledge in assessment and treatment of acute pain with an introduction to neuropathic pain.

    • ALERT PDF, 120 KB

      The ALERT (Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment) Course is a multisiciplinary course focusing on the recognition and management of the acutely unwell or deteriorating patient. For staff working in acute settings.

    • Applying Disability Equity PDF, 111 KB

      For nurses and frontline staff to develop, up skill and advance your knowledge and confidence when you have disabled people in your care.

  • B

  • C

  • D

    • Diabetes Care Givers Education Day (Course) PDF, 208 KB

      Giving an overview of diabetes for Care Givers, Community Mental Health Workers, Health Care Assistants, anyone working with, caring for or supporting people living in the community with Diabetes.

    • Diabetes Introduction Course PDF, 208 KB

      For nurses and allied health professionals working with people with diabetes – primary care, hospital or community based learning about all aspects of diabetes management. *You must attend 2 sessions.

  • G

  • H

  • I

    • Improvement & Innovation Fundamentals PDF, 154 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora CC,HV & Wairarapa) Staff only.
      Aim: to provide staff with the fundamental knowledge of the methodology and approaches used for improvement and innovation initiatives. Trainees are not expected to have a project in mind to attend this course

    • Improvement & Innovation Workshop PDF, 162 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora CC,HV & Wairarapa) Staff only.
      Any staff (clinical and non-clinical) wanting to learn about Improvement & Innovation

    • IV Training - Advanced CVAD Management PDF, 34 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only.
      For Hutt District Registered Health Professionals only with Basic IV certification and CVAD level two certification +/- Port certification

    • IV Training - Cannulation PDF, 208 KB

      To train registered health professionals in the procedure of peripheral venous cannulation. This course requires prior completion of online learning via a Ko Awatea LEARN account.

    • IV Training - CVAD Management PDF, 188 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only.
      To train hospital based registered health professionals on the clinical care & management of central venous access devices (e.g. PICC, CVC, Hickman, Implanted ports) *This course requires prior completion of online learning via a Ko Awatea LEARN account.

    • IV Training - Phlebotomy PDF, 152 KB

      To train registered health professionals in the procedure of phlebotomy (venepuncture).

  • L

  • M

    • Moving & Handling - Introduction to PDF, 160 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only.
      For all new staff who are required to move patients as part of their work

    • Moving & Handling Objects PDF, 157 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only.
      For all existing staff who do not move patients. (New staff will attend this on the same day as they attend Te Rā Whakatau).

    • Moving & Handling Skills Development PDF, 159 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only.
      For all existing staff who are required to move patients as part of their work.. This is the 2 yearly refresher if you have completed the M&H Introduction.
      *If you are booked to attend Centralised Learning Requirements (CLR) you do not need to book this course

    • My Safety - Hospital Based Clinician Training PDF, 135 KB

      This six hour workshop focuses on understanding the systems and processes available to keep you safe at work, developing your communication skills, risk assessment and conflict resolution techniques.

  • N

    • Nutrition Support Study Day PDF, 136 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only.
      For Nurses and other Health Professionals to provide an introduction to Nutrition Support – the provision of formulated nutrients orally, enterally and parenterally, to appropriate patients for the purpose of maintaining or restoring nutritional status.

    • NZRC CORE Advanced PDF, 120 KB

      A one-day course for Health Professionals who may be expected to lead or take a key support role in managing a cardiac arrest or acute medical emergency.

    • NZRC Immediate & CLR for Hospital & Community Based Staff PDF, 115 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV) Staff only. (Formerly NZRC Immediate Mandatory)
      This course is designed for Shift Co-ordinators, ACNM’s or people who are expected to take charge of a deteriorating patient or patient emergency for the first few minutes before the Emergency Team arrive and includes required CLR updates.
      There is pre-reading and an eLearning test that need to be passed before attending this course.

    • NZRC Newborn Life Support PDF, 116 KB

      This course aims to prepare staff for managing or taking part in resuscitation at birth. It is intended for all staff that may be called upon to resuscitate a baby at, or immediately after birth, comprises of pre-reading, delivered sessions and scenario practice.

  • O

    • Older Adult Mental Health Study Day PDF, 117 KB

      For registered and Enrolled Nurses
      The course equips RNs/ENs with the basic skills of mental health assessment and provides an understanding of the legal implications of the Mental Health Act and duty of care.

  • P

  • R

    • Respiratory Course PDF, 127 KB

      The course provides nurses with an improved understanding of how to care for adult patients with asthma and COPD. This includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of these patients with a focus on secondary level care. It also helps nurses provide better education, support and care for their patients with Asthma and COPD.

  • S

    • Serious Illness Conversation Guide PDF, 131 KB

      Internal (Te Whatu Ora HV, CC or Wairarapa) Staff only
      For patient facing clinicians the Serious Illness Conversation Guide Aotearoa is a set of structured questions within a framework to support clinicians explore what is important to patients / whānau in order to inform clinical care decisions

    • Speak Up - Safety Leadership PDF, 201 KB

      This programme aims to support a safety culture in our organisation.

  • T

    • Te Ra Whakatau Te Awakairangi PDF, 616 KB

      Te Rā Whakatau (TRW) is our welcome and orientation day for all new staff to Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley (on Hutt/MyPay payroll).
      This is part 1 of the day - you must also book part 2 for the Mandatory & Vocational session or Moving & Handling following TRW.

  • V

  • W

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