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Hutt Valley District Health Board (HVDHB) is pleased to be able to offer a number of training opportunities to health professionals within the DHB and also to external to organisations. We hope those attending sessions held at HVDHB find them valuable and we welcome any feedback.

A number of the study days/workshops are for Hutt Valley District Health Board staff only. It is clearly stated on the top of each page, which study days/workshops are for internal and/or external staff.

Any non-DHB staff requesting to attend training run by the DHB must meet the requirements of the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021 at the time the training is scheduled to occur.

Any queries to

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  • A

    • Acute Pain Management PDF, 32 KB

      Increase knowledge regarding assessment and treatment of acute pain with an introduction to
      neuropathic pain.

    • Acute Wounds Study Day PDF, 69 KB

      The aim of this study day is to extend health professionals knowledge on acute wounds.

    • Advance Care Planning Level 1a PDF, 531 KB

      Updated August 2021 - Understand the benefits of advance care planning (ACP) and making plans for future health care - Explore the barriers to ACP for individuals and health carers - How to start an ACP conversation and how to document it - Understand who has legal right to make healthcare decisions if a patient is unable to express their wishes

    • ALERT PDF, 33 KB

      The ALERT (Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment) Course is a multidisciplinary course focusing on the recognition and management of the acutely unwell or deteriorating patient.

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  • D

    • Diabetes - Introduction to PDF, 137 KB

      This course will increase your confidence in delivering diabetes care. It is taught by a variety of speakers and co-ordinated by the Specialist Diabetes Nursing Service at Hutt Valley DHB. It is relevant for nurses and allied health professionals working with people with diabetes – primary care, hospital or community based.

    • Diabetes Care Givers Education Day PDF, 300 KB

      Giving an overview of diabetes for Care Givers, Community Mental Health Workers, Health Care Assistants, anyone working with, caring for or supporting people living in the community with Diabetes.

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  • H

    • HCA Orientation Day PDF, 301 KB

      The aim of this study day is to provide orientation to the health care assistants. The course covers a wide variety of topics and has expert speakers from the respective fields.

    • Heart Failure Study Day PDF, 49 KB

      Everything you need to know about managing your patients with heart failure. Please come prepared for an interactive patient focused study day.

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    • NZRC – Newborn Life Support PDF, 33 KB

      This course aims to prepare staff for managing or taking part in resuscitation at birth. It is intended for all staff that may be called upon to resuscitate a baby at, or immediately after birth, comprises of pre-reading, delivered sessions and scenario practice.

    • NZRC CORE Advanced PDF, 39 KB

      A one-day course for NZ Health Professionals who may be expected to lead or take a key support role in managing a cardiac arrest or acute medical emergency.

  • O

    • Older Adult Mental Health Study Day PDF, 198 KB

      The aim of this study day is to extend the knowledge of registered nurses and enrolled nurses regarding the key aspects of mental health in elderly. It has expert speakers with many years of experience in the field. The course equips the RN/ENs with the basic skills of mental health assessment and provides broad understanding of the legal implications for the Mental Health Act and duty of care. The course provides nurses the tools required to care for an older adult patient.

    • Organ Donation New Zealand PDF, 32 KB

      Updater on organ donation in New Zealand, Brain death and management of Donor in ICU, offering the option of organ donation, role of the Link Nurses in HVDHB, Case study Donor Family and recipient stories.

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  • R

    • Refugee Health and Wellbeing Primary Care Workshop PDF, 836 KB

      This workshop will cover these aspects of refugee resettlement: The Immigration Process - Mangere Refugee Resettlement Process - Refugee Trauma Recovery Services - Red Cross Social Services - Wellington Community Law Centre - Primary Health Care Clinical Services - Regional Public Health Role - Refugee Voices

    • Respiratory Course PDF, 33 KB

      The course provides nurses with an improved understanding of how to care for adult patients with asthma and COPD. This includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of these patients with a focus on secondary level care. It also helps nurses provide better education, support and care for their patients with Asthma and COPD.

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    • Te Kawa Whakaruruhau: Module 1: Te Tiriti PDF, 305 KB

      For staff to learn more about Aotearoa/New Zealand from a Māori perspective, through the lens of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (The Treaty of Waitangi) and help us improve our cultural knowledge and its link to improved health outcomes for Māori patients.

    • Trauma study day – Orthopaedic/Plastics PDF, 371 KB

      The aim of this study day is to extend health professionals knowledge about the management of patients on the ward setting following multi-trauma. The focus of this study day will be on patients who are typically admitted under Orthopaedics or Plastic Surgery.

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    • Workplace Assessor Training PDF, 23 KB

      Workplace assessor training is designed to train assessors who need to evaluate performance against standards in a variety or clinical and non-clinical settings. On completion participants will have increased understanding of all the factors that contribute to the successful completion of an assessment.

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