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Home and community support services for the over 65s across the region are changing

Home and community support services for the over 65s will be provided by Access Community Health and Nurse Maude across the Wellington region from 1 April 2019. Both these organisations are well established and respected home and community support care providers.

What does this mean for you?

If you are currently receiving services from Access Home Health, they may be transferred to Nurse Maude. This change will not affect the level of care you are currently receiving.

Do you need to do anything?

No. We have made every effort to arrange the transfer of care with the least disruption for you. If your care is transferred to Nurse Maude, it may be possible to receive care from the same support workers visiting you now.

Next steps

We are working closely with Access Community Health and Nurse Maude and their teams to make sure the change happens smoothly and you continue to receive support services as normal throughout the change-over.

Information has been sent out explaining this change. Your Support Workers have also been informed of the change and what this may mean for them.

Letters were sent in February from Access Community Health or Nurse Maude to let you know who will be providing your service.

Where can you get more information?

  • If you are a Nurse Maude client please call 0800 687 738

  • If you are an Access Community Health client please call 0800 284663 if you didn’t get the letter.

  • If you haven’t received a letter please call 0800 662 225.

Questions and Answers

Why are the DHBs making these changes?

There is a large number of clients in the Greater Wellington region and we want to introduce another provider to share this work and offer an alternative home support provider.

Will you still receive the same service?

Yes. The services are not changing. The only change is the introduction of another provider to provide the service. As happens now, you will have routine reassessments and your services may change as a result of your needs identified during those assessments.

When will you know if your care is going to be provided by a different provider?

A letter was sent in the end of February 2019 from either Access Community Health or Nurse Maude that let you know which organisation is looking after your care. Our priority is making sure support workers are correctly matched with their clients.

Do you get to keep the same support worker?

We will do our best to keep the same support workers and clients together but if this is not possible someone else who is qualified to support you will deliver your care.

Will your support worker lose their job?

No. There is still the same amount of work for all the current support workers to do although they may be employed by a different provider.

Will there be client choice of provider?

Not initially. In order to share the work equally between the two providers, we have allocated clients to one or other of the providers. Sometime after 1 April 2019, it may be possible to transfer to the other provider if you are unhappy with the provider assigned to deliver your care.

Will your support worker come at the same time and days?

As much as possible Access and Nurse Maude will try to keep everything the same. If this is not possible, any changes will be kept to a minimum and these will be discussed with you in advance.

I’m under 65 (or an ACC client) but still getting care from Access Community Health, will this affect me?

We have made every effort to make sure you won’t be affected if your support worker is. While your support worker probably won’t change, some support workers who provide your care from time to time may be transfer to Nurse Maude.

Access Community Health will make sure other skilled and professional support workers are available .in your area to continue your support.

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