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Published Tuesday 20 Oct 2020

Phase one of a significant capital project to upgrade and install new digital radiology equipment at Hutt Hospital is now complete


In the last two financial years, a total of $2.5m has been allocated to replace outdated equipment and future proof radiology technology, systems and facilities.

The installation of leading digital x-ray technology has been completed in three rooms in radiology and in the emergency department, leading to better quality imaging and outcomes for patients.

The DHB has also invested in a mini CT facial scanner (conebeam as pictured) and a digital mobile x-ray unit which will provide additional capacity, flexibility and diagnostics during emergency situations.

“Our new digital x-ray technology allows our radiologists and technologists to provide top quality images and significantly improves the storage and retrieval of patient information”, says Karen Coleman, Radiology Manager.

“This new technology produces high quality images and is safer for patients—with 50 percent less radiation exposure than the older cassette technology. It also significantly improves infection control practices.

“Through the adoption of new digital technology we have positioned ourselves as a leader in digital imaging and can confidently look forward, knowing we have plans and systems in place to future proof the department”.

Phase two of the project is due to commence this month and involves the refurbishment of three other rooms in the main radiology department, the acquisition of three mobile x-ray units and diagnostic quality ultrasound equipment.

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