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  • New trial aims to streamline appointments

    Published Tuesday 12 Dec 2017

    A new trial is underway to help simplify and speed up the referral process for children and adolescent mental health services in the Hutt, with the aim of reducing appointment wait times.

  • Our vision for change at Hutt Valley DHB

    Published Thursday 7 Dec 2017

    With the help of our patients and whānau, staff and wider community, we've created a vision for the future health system in the Hutt Valley. We want a system that works for everyone, that focuses on what people need and supports them to live well. Read more about our vision and what it will mean for the future of health in the Hutt.

  • Could you be a strong voice for improved Hutt health services?

    Published Wednesday 15 Nov 2017

    Would you like to use your experiences within our services to improve the Hutt Valley Health System? The Hutt Valley District Health Board is setting up its first Consumer Council - a group of people with diverse experiences, backgrounds and knowledge to give advice to our Board and leadership team.

  • Medication Safety: Patient Safety Week

    Published Monday 6 Nov 2017

    We want consumers to feel empowered to ask questions to help them better understand their medicines!

  • Getting you moving again

    Published Friday 27 Oct 2017

    Our wonderful Therapies team celebrate World Occupational Therapy Day. Read on to learn more about the valuable work performed by our Occupational Therapists (OTs) here at the hospital.

  • Breast Screening: A phonecall that could save your life

    Published Wednesday 25 Oct 2017

    “Today is a very special day. After five years I finally got to give the woman who saved my life a hug and to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Her persistence saved my life that day.”

  • Help at your fingertips

    Published Wednesday 18 Oct 2017

    A new mobile app is available for you to download that will tell you where to find your closest Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

  • Are you prepared?

    Published Wednesday 11 Oct 2017

    Organised by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management, Get Ready Week is a chance for everyone to take steps to be more prepared.

  • Special donation for Hutt babies from BabyStart

    Published Monday 9 Oct 2017

    Thanks to a very special donation from BabyStart - six new Hutt babies are going home with a box of incredible gifts. These beautiful boxes are not only filled to the brim with almost every item a new baby needs - but also turn into a safe bed for sleeping (there's even a mattress!). The boxes are going to some of our families who need a bit of a helping hand.

  • New website for our Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Service

    Published Friday 29 Sep 2017

    There’s now just one place to go online to find the latest information about these services, how to get a referral, what happens if you use our services, and how to contact us.