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You must first contact the Strategy, Planning and Outcomes department at Hutt Valley DHB to check on the availability of new pharmacy contracts if you are intending to establish a pharmacy in the Hutt Valley. The contact details are below.

The DHB is implementing a strategy for pharmacist services to ensure the provision of pharmacy services in the Hutt Valley fulfils the criteria for equity and population needs. It is called Future Pharmacist Services and you can click here to view it as a PDF in your browser.

Hutt Valley DHB approved a fresh contracting policy for pharmacy services at a meeting on 28 November 2019. As part of our strategy for pharmacist services, Future Pharmacist Services, we want to be more considered and thoughtful about issuing new contracts for pharmacies.

In future, pharmacists wanting to establish a pharmacy will need to make an application on the approved form. We will assess the merits of the application against the criteria in the policy, including its alignment with our Future Pharmacist Services strategy.

Here is a link to our new policy. Copies of the application form can be requested from

Please Note - CCDHB & HVDHB are currently reviewing the details of the pharmacy contracting policy and will not be accepting new applications for community pharmacy contracts until that review is completed.

Here is a link to the responses we received to its consultation on the draft contracting policy, including our comments.

The best contact for pharmacy contract information is:

Keith Fraser, Service Planning and Integration Manager
04 570 9564