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This page aims to provide information to undergraduate nursing students who are undertaking clinical placements at Hutt Valley DHB. 

Mental Health Undergrand Round Programme Flyer for 2016

The Undergrand Round is a programme of presentations on a variety of topics related to mental health presented by clinicians. This fabulous opportunity is open to students and health professionals of all disciplines with an interest in learning more about mental health.

Click here for the programme.

General information for nursing students at Hutt Valley DHB

Orientation booklets for wards and departments at Hutt Valley DHB.

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IV and related therapies and students nurses:

Student nurses are not permitted to check (as second nurse) or administer IV medication, fluids or blood products to patients within Hutt Valley DHB.

Bachelor of nursing students et al. will be supported from their second year of training onwards to develop skills necessary to safely administer basic intravenous & related therapies.

a). The extent of student involvement in intravenous & related therapies is determined by the clinical area's manager, educator or senior clinician.

b). Bachelor of Nursing students et al. must succesfully complete the HVDHB IV Therapy Workbook for Students and Clinical Staff (can be obtained from the clinical area's educator or from the Clinical Educator IV & RT).

c). Students will be directly directed by a certified clinical staff member as all times when performing any basic IV management/therapy

 Parking and other services at Hutt Hospital

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Hutt Hospital Chapel is open all day, every day and services are advertised on the board outside.

 Smoke Free Policy at Hutt Valley DHB

Hutt Valley DHB has a smoke free policy. Smoking by staff, patients and visitors is formally discouraged and staff (including students) who wish to smoke should do so away from the hospital grounds and are not permitted to smoke in Hutt Valley DHB vehicles.