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This page will tell you about three clinical networks which have been formed by Hutt Inc to improve care for patients in the Hutt Valley community.

People in our community need primary and secondary health services which work well together to give them the care they need. To make this happen three clinical networks have been formed in these areas of healthcare:

These networks guide planning and provide oversight to work being carried out to make sure that people in the Hutt Valley have better healthcare with primary and secondary health services which work well together.They ensure this integration work supports the principles of the triple aim and the DHB’s key strategic objectives.

Principles of the triple aim:

  • improved quality, safety and experience of care
  • improved health and equity for all populations
  • best value for public health system resources

DHB strategic objectives:

  • preventative health and empowered self-care
  • provision of relevant services close to home
  • quality hospital care, including highly complex care, for those who need it.

Members of each network include clinical leaders, managers, service providers and consumers (patients) who have been chosen for their professional expertise and experience. Working groups are established under the networks to advance work identified by Hutt Inc and the networks.

Much of the work to be carried out by networks is being finalised in the Annual Plan but some work is already underway. For information about key areas of work already happening in these networks please visit each link.

Find out more about Hutt Inc here.