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  • A

    • Acute Pain Management 20 KB

      Increase knowledge regarding assessment and treatment of acute pain with an introduction to neuropathic pain.

    • Advance Care Planning - One Day Workshop 842 KB

      The below courses are available to health professionals from any sector in the Wairarapa, HuttValley & Capital & Coast areas.Learning objectives: Include the following - explain the benefits of advance care planning (ACP), explore barriers to ACP, start & document an ACP conversation, determine who has legal right to make healthcare decisions for an incapable patient. Course pre-requisite: The four ACP eLearning modules need to be completed before attending the workshop. or for DHB staff via Ko Awatea LEARN or Connect Me.

    • Alert – Hospital Based 24 KB

      The ALERT (Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment) Course is a multidisciplinary course focusing on the recognition and management of the acutely unwell or deteriorating patient.

    • Alert - Primary / Community Based 24 KB

      The ALERT (Acute Life Threatening Events Recognition and Treatment) Course is a multidisciplinary course focusing on the recognition and management of the acutely unwell or deteriorating patient.

    • Allied Health Introduction to professional supervision workshop 126 KB

      This two day face-to-face workshop is for allied health professionals in physical health planning to become supervisors. The workshop provides an introduction to the 3DHB professional supervision policy and processes as well as tools and resources to support you to become an effective supervisor *Pre-requisite: Supervisee eLearning (available via KoAwateaLEARN and Connect Me).

    • Antenatal Education Room - Hutt Hospital 258 KB

      How to find us: Antenatal Room, Community Health Building, Hutt Hospital

  • C

    • Cardiac Study Day 23 KB

      This study day for health professionals will broaden your cardiac knowledge and help you to provide evidenced based care when caring for patients with: chest pain, angina, myocardial infarction, heart failure, common arrhythmias including atrial fibrillation.

    • Casp Workshop 282 KB

      This face-to-face workshop aims to provide participants starting CASP (and their managers) a clear understanding of the CASP process. The workshop also supports CASP objective writing and includes practical activities and resources. Pre-requisite: objective setting and portfolio development eLearning (available via KoAwateaLEARN and Connect Me).

    • Challenging Incidents - General 22 KB

      This interactive workshop focuses on conflict resolution and communication strategies to effectively manage aggression and threat of harm in the workplace. Recommended for staff who have completed the Ko Awatea ‘CALM Communication’ e-learning and, who in consultation with their manager, believe that further face-to-face training is required due to the nature of their work area.

    • Clinical Training Unit - Hutt Hospital 79 KB

      How to find us: 2nd Floor, East Wing, Clock Tower Building, Hutt Hospital.

    • Close Observation Study Day 20 KB

      The aim of this study day to is to extend the knowledge of registered nurses, enrolled nurses and health care assistants regarding the need of close care and observation.

    • Communicating with non-English speaking clients 612 KB

      How to use interpreters in a clinical context, in order to meet the requirements of human rights and sign language legislation. Come and join us for a varied programme including an interpreting demonstration and interaction with your colleagues. We will help you identify the risks of using clients’ family and friends as BYO interpreters, and will give you some tools for working with interpreters to get the best possible communications with your clients. Visit the Regional Public Health website for more information and details on how to rsvp:

  • D

    • Diabetes - Introduction to Diabetes 20 KB

      The course runs over two days, spanning two consecutive fortnights This course will increase your confidence in delivering diabetes care. It is taught by a variety of speakers and coordinated by the Specialist Diabetes Nursing Service at Hutt Valley DHB. It is relevant for nurses and allied health professionals working with people with diabetes – primary care, hospital or community based.

    • Diabetes care givers education day 303 KB

      Giving an overview of diabetes for Care Givers, Community Mental Health Workers, Health Care Assistants, anyone working with, caring for or supporting people living in the community with Diabetes.

  • E

    • Elderly Orthopaedic Patient Journey 124 KB

      The aim of this study day is to increase nurses knowledge in how to care for the older patient who has sustained a # NOF pre and post-operatively.

    • ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Study Day 94 KB

      This day is targeted for health professionals with an interest in ear, nose & throat procedures. Previous topics have included; nasal surgery, anatomy, throat surgery, tracheostomy care, emergency management, laryngectomy & voice prosthesis, OME, screening & management of hearing loss, ear surgery & cochlear implants. Topics may vary.

    • Essential Computer Skills 513 KB

      Essential Computer Skills is a session intended for new/current users of a computer it is recommended that the attendees have basic keyboard skills and a basic knowledge of a computer. Please refer to the PDF information sheet for session content. Any question please email

  • F

    • Foundation Training Day (For new or returning staff only) 24 KB

      For new or returning clinical staff who have duty or care to our patients. This course is run in conjunction with the General Orientation and is suitable for Doctors, Nurses, HCA’s, Physiotherapists, OT’s, Community nurses and Orderlies.

  • H

    • HCA Orientation 109 KB

      The aim of this study day is to provide orientation to the health care assistants. The course covers and wide variety of topics and has expert speakers from the respective fields.

    • Healthy Conversation Skills Workshop 275 KB

      A Healthy Conversation Skills workshop gives you tools to support clients to make lifestyle behaviour changes for long-term health. The skills you’ll learn are simple, time-saving and practical to strengthen your everyday practice. We recommend you complete the Healthy Start Workforce online education programme before the workshop. • Friday 6 September 2019 Hutt Hospital • Friday 18 October 2019 Hutt Hospital

  • I

    • Interpreting Workshops 21 KB

      To educate hospital and primary care staff on how to book and use interpreting services

    • IV - Assessor Training 291 KB

      To train selected and IV proficient registered health professionals on how to provide IV related training & clinical support to work colleagues. This training also introduces the participant on how to formally assess a colleague’s IV procedural skill using the DHB’s current framework.

    • IV - Central Line Care and Management Training 292 KB

      To train hospital based registered health professionals on the clinical care & management of central lines (e.g. PICC lines, CVC, Hickman lines, Implanted ports)

    • IV - Peripheral Cannulation 297 KB

      To train registered health professionals in the procedure of peripheral venous cannulation.

    • IV - Phelbotomy Training 295 KB

      To train registered health professionals in the procedure of phlebotomy (venepuncture).

  • L

    • Leadership - Emerging Leaders Programme 255 KB

      HVDHB STAFF ONLY - If you are new to a first leadership role, or looking to move into one, this pilot course will help provide an understanding of how to get the best from your teams in different situations, explain why you need more than one style to get the best out of yourself and others, and some tools to help manage team conflict.

    • Learning Centre - Hutt Hospital 161 KB

      How to find us: 1st Floor, Clock Tower Building, Hutt Hospital

  • N

    • New Staff – Welcome, Overview & Orientation Sessions 142 KB

      Details of our various sessions aimed at new staff to the DHB: Powhiri, Welcome & DHB Overview; Nurses, Anaesthetic Techs & Midwives Orientation; Foundation Training Day; House Surgeon Orientation and Registrar Orientation.

    • Nurses Mandatory Training – Community Based Staff 26 KB

      An all-day course for clinical staff working in community areas, including community mental health staff, RPH staff including HCA, non-medical vaccinators, school dental, school health team nurses and other community based staff. May also be suitable for some in-hospital staff who do not work within a standard clinical / ward environment.

    • Nurses Mandatory Training – Hospital Based Staff 28 KB

      An all-day course for all hospital based nursing and HCA staff. This course is suitable for all in-hospital nurses.

    • NZRC - Newborn Life Support 24 KB

      This course aims to prepare staff for managing or taking part in resuscitation at birth. It is intended for all staff that may be called upon to resuscitate a baby at, or immediately after birth, comprises of pre-reading, delivered sessions and scenario practice.

    • NZRC - Update 24 KB

      An update course for those who have taken the NZRC CORE Advanced course in the past two - three years.

    • NZRC CORE Advanced 24 KB

      A one-day course for NZ Health Professionals who may be expected to lead or take a key support role in managing a cardiac arrest or acute medical emergency.

    • NZRC CORE Advanced for Non-staff Health Professionals 24 KB

      A one-day course for NZ Health Professionals who may be expected to lead or take a key support role in managing a cardiac arrest or acute medical emergency.

  • O

    • Older Adult Mental Health Study Day 47 KB

      The aim of this study day is to extend the knowledge of registered nurses and enrolled nurses regarding the key aspects of mental health in elderly. It has expert speakers with many years of experience in the field. The course equips the RN/ENs with the basic skills of mental health assessment and provides broad understanding of the legal implications for the Mental Health Act and duty of care. The course provides nurses the tools required to care for an older adult patient.

  • P

    • Paediatric - General Paediatrics Regional Study Day 148 KB

      To improve the ability of nurses to effectively care for children with common health issues.

    • Paediatric Regional Adolescent Study Day 137 KB

      For nurses to feel empowered to provide high quality care to adolescents and their whanau in the hospital setting

    • Paediatric Regional Respiratory Study Day 135 KB

      To improve the ability of nurses to effectively care for children with respiratory issues.

    • PDRP Training 23 KB

      To give nurses an understanding of the Hutt Valley DHB Professional Development and Recognition Programme (PDRP) and to provide a practical guide for putting together a portfolio.

    • Plastic Surgery - Advanced Plastic Surgery 144 KB

      This day is targeted for senior health professionals with an interest in Plastic Surgery. Topics may vary from year to year. Previous topics have included; pathology of cancer, alcohol embolization, radiotherapy following plastic surgery, necrotising fasciitis, cleft lip & palate, complex hand surgery, laser therapy, & hand therapy.

    • Plastic Surgery - Breast Surgery 144 KB

      This day is targeted for health professionals with an interest for breast reconstruction surgery. Content may include; breast screening & diagnostic services for breast cancer, breast reconstruction surgery, nursing care, breast reduction, physiotherapy, nipple tattooing, and psychosocial aspects of breast surgery.

    • Plastic Surgery - Fundamentals of Plastic Surgery 144 KB

      This day is targeted for Health professionals with an interest for Plastic Surgery. Contents may include; skin grafts, scar management, wound assessment, flaps, skin cancers, hand surgery, & leech therapy.

    • Plastic Surgery - Head and Neck Surgery 145 KB

      This day is targeted for health professionals with an interest in head & neck surgery. Previous topics have included; head & neck cancer surgery and reconstruction, facial fractures, nutrition and speech language therapy following head & neck surgery, tracheostomy management, ENT surgery, and psychosocial impacts of head & neck cancer. Please note; topics may vary.

    • Plastic Surgery - Regional Burns Study Day 145 KB

      This day is targeted for health professionals with an interest in the assessment and management of burns. Previous topics have included; assessment and management of burns, wound products, techniques to dress burns, physiotherapy, nutrition, pain management, chemical & electrical burns, socio-cultural impacts of burns and scar management. Topics may vary.

    • PLS - Paediatric Life Support 293 KB

      The 1 day PLS course is based on the systematic approach taught on the Advanced Paediatric Life Support (3 day) course, and APLS NZ has established programme with course material. The focus of the course is on the management of the severely ill or injured child in the first 15 minutes of care.

    • Preceptor Training 24 KB

      Preceptor training is aimed at preparing nurses to support new graduates, students and colleagues within the clinical workplace. At the completion of this course nurses will have an increased understanding of the important components needed for successful preceptorship.

    • Public Health Summer School Programme - University of Otago 2.33 MB

      If you are interested in a day of professional development or updating on topical issues in health, we invite you to take a look at our very exciting 2019 programme. Registration is now open – includes 16 NEW courses There are courses and symposia for everyone including 16 new courses plus 14 of our most popular core topics.To see a summary of all courses available, please view our Summer School flyer. To register or to view more information on each course, please visit our Summer School website. Remember to act quickly to receive a 25% earlybird discount. Many courses have limited numbers so don’t miss out…register now. Also on offer are a limited number of Maori/Pacific Scholarships. See our website for more information.

  • R

    • Respiratory Course 21 KB

      The course provides nurses with an improved understanding of how to care for adult patients with asthma and COPD. This includes assessment, diagnosis, treatment and management of these patients with a focus on secondary level care. It also helps nurses provide better education, support and care for their patients with Asthma and COPD.

    • Resus Update – PHO, Primary Health & Aged Care 24 KB

      To provide update training in Resuscitation.

    • Resus Update - Senior Medical Officers 24 KB

      These short refresher sessions are aimed at consultants / specialists who need to update their CPR skills and knowledge.

    • Resus Update - Staff 27 KB

      Aimed at Allied Health staff, however this update is also suitable for Hospital and Community based clinical staff who are not attending the Nurses Mandatory Training day.

  • S

    • Stroke Study Day - Acute 21 KB

      The aim of this study day is to extend health professionals knowledge of the acute care following a stroke.

    • Stroke Study Day - Advanced 20 KB

      The aim of this study day is to extend health professionals knowledge of the acute care following a stroke.

  • V

    • Violence Intervention Programme (VIP) Training 24 KB

      This training is sponsored by the Ministry of Health and is designed to ensure clinicians are able to recognise and respond effectively to the signs and symptoms of both child abuse and intimate partner violence.

  • W

    • Workplace Assessor Training 24 KB

      Workplace assessor training is aimed at preparing Senior Nurses to assess colleagues and who will be undertaking staff appraisals. On completion it is participants will have increased understanding of competence, portfolio assessment and effective support of staff through the assessment process.

    • Woundcare - Advanced 361 KB

      The Advanced Study Day builds on part two and provides knowledge / challenges practice in wound care at an advanced level. All enrolments via e-mail or My Pay.

    • Woundcare - Fundamentals 310 KB

      The Fundamentals Study Day is part one of a three part series on wound management. Part one focuses on establishing a baseline for knowledge and skills for basic wound management including wound products.

    • Woundcare - Intermediate 361 KB

      The Intermediate Study Day builds on part one and extends knowledge and skill acquisition in case scenarios, referrals and interdisciplinary collaboration in wound management.

    • Woundcare - Pressure Injury Study Day 2019 295 KB

      This study day will provide attendees (Registered Nurses and Health Care Assistants) with information on international guidelines. It also focuses on pressure injury prevention and management with practical workshops.

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